Creative by Design.

Technical by Necessity. 

I am not my job. While I possess a technical aptitude for paying bills and supplying a roof over my families head, I am a "Creative" for all intensive purposes. This is who I am. The stories you see are all my ideas, thoughts, visions, beliefs, dreams coming to life... perhaps I didn't draw the illustrations, but the very characters you see are all visions from within.


Move past your limitations and birth the ideas from within yourself.  


About me

Don't wait for a big publisher to tell you, your story is worth publishing or a Hollywood director to tell you your story is ready for the silver screen. Create Anyway, Dream Anyway, Believe Anyway. If I waited on others to validate my gifts, I would have never created a single piece of art. I was told that a bottle of water at the grocery store is $1.00, at the vending machine $1.50, at the sports arena $3.50, at the airport $5.00, yet it's the same bottle of water, just valued differently depending on where you are. Your worth is determined in the company you keep, not in what a person deems it to be.

If you dream in stories, tell your story, you don't need anyone's validation...

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